What is a lift?

The lift is said to be a machine used to carry people or loads in different conditions, and it is different from the imagination of the public, with cranes, forklifts and elevators. The lifts have different types and mechanisms that we will refer to below.

The four main categories of forklifts are:
A. Fixed Accordion Lifters: The scissor arms are unlocked by the hydraulic jack and the required height is provided. These elevators are only open vertically and have the most safety among lift types. Also, in high tonnages, so that no other mechanism is responsive, shear hoists can be used. These lifters are sometimes referred to as hydraulic hinges, and in some cases they can be placed on a rail to move in a particular direction.

B. Direct Lift Lifters: In these forklifts, the hydraulic jack connects directly to the load table and moves it upwards. It comes with safety and capacity after the Accordion lift. These elevators are used in shops and stores to carry loads to the floors. If the person wants to use these lifters, a safe cabin should be placed on it, in which case they will also be referred to as hydraulic lift.

C) Cable hoists or chain hoists: These lifters move and raise a cable motor or a chain linking to the lifting platform. In terms of safety, these lifts are very aggressive and have a low capacity. These elevators should be inspected every day to ensure that their proper operation is evaluated and prevented from the accident. These lifts must not be used as lifts in any way.

D) Hydraulic-chain hoists or cable: In this type of chain hoist or cable reel, a hydraulic jack travels half of the driving course and transfers the force through a chain or cable to the work desk and runs the entire path. In this case, a less-than-normal hydraulic jack is required for straight jumper lifters without chains. These forklifts are also for carrying loads and are not recommended for displacement. Although many people in Iran use these hydraulic lifting hoists as lifters, they have not foreseen lift and lift safety systems.
E) Static Base Boom Lifts: The only type of lift that can also provide horizontal access, in addition to vertical access, is a lift boom lift. Stationary lifting canoes are usually of little capacity and are used to carry people.
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