Mobile lifts

Mobile lifts are designed for use by people and sometimes referred to as Man Lift. These lifts are easily moved and allow users to install, repair, paint, etc. at high altitudes. Movable lifts are divided into two general categories.

(A) Mobile lifts with vertical access: These vertical elevators only allow vertical displacement and do not provide horizontal access. The most commonly used machines are hydraulic lifters (scissors), rail elevators and perpendicular lifters. These lifts use different motor and lift mechanisms, which will be explained.

(B) Mobile lifters with vertical and horizontal access (Boom Lifts): This type of lift is referred to as Boom Lift boom lifts. In addition to upward movement, these lifters are also able to move on the horizon, so they do not need to be exactly below the workplace. Lifting boom lifts also have different types. Some are installed on the truck, and some of them are going to be explained about it. Lifting boom lifts use different mechanisms. The simplest is the joint mechanism that the arms move in detail like a hydraulic force. Another type of telescopic mechanism is the fact that the hydraulic jacks and chains of the arms that are telescoped inside each other are driven out and accessed. The third and newer and more effective mechanism is the telescopic mechanism that has both arms and has the advantage of maneuvering power and working in hard conditions as well as closed dimensions.
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