Wheeled Sliding Ladder: DMLP, DMLPR

Wheeled Sliding Ladder: DMLP, DMLPR
BALAN SANAT Wheeled Sliding Ladders:
Hand gearbox, winch system.
Anti-fall system.
Special profile with high resistance.
Using two separate steel wire ropes for ladder sliding and turning the rail mast results in proper safety and assurance.
Transportation by manpower or towed by cars.
Fast set-up by two or even one manpower.
Vast fulcrum by rigging jacks.
Easy transportation on different rough surfaces.
Operator guide tables on the ladder body, for more information, easy access to operation instruction and reminding safety rules.
Product features

Because the device is normally used and stored out doors and exposed to the rain and moisture, the following features are strictly considered by production procedures and are advantages of our sliding ladders.

Type and quality of welding

To protect our ladders against penetration of rain and moisture, which may result in corrosion and reducing their strength, all seams are welded with CO2 and every junction not possible to weld is sealed with sealing material mamella.

Coating Type:
To protect outside surfaces and give the construction a nice view, in addition to under layer coating an epoxy coating, more durable than conventional coating is applied.

Galvanized Pieces:
Axis, fixed rollers, cable collectors, wire rope rollers, rigging, rigging jacks and the likes are galvanized coated.

Safety Features
Rails angle wire ropes
Instead of one rope, two double wire ropes are selected as rail angle wire ropes.
Rails run wire ropes
Every sliding rail is equipped with two separate for- and backward wire ropes.
Anti-fall system
One of important and unique features of Balan Sanat ladders is Anti-fall system.
In case of failure on both wire ropes, this system is activated automatically and prevents the falling of the rails. This unique feature prevents operator injuries and paly a gate role in safety consideration.
Rail profile cross-sections
For manufacturing of this type of special ladders a special kind of profile with special shape is used, which in addition to proper matching and engaging of rails with each other, provides supreme safety.
Moving rails inside of each other
For moving rails inside of each other special polymer molds are used, which in addition to free and safe movements, have long durability.
On the customer’s order, some equipment are added to be able to turn the ladder mast about 15 degrees in both sides.
This feature gives the operator a vast handling area with just one time set-up.
In this case the rigging jacks are increased to 6.