Straddle Accessories (Optional)

Balan Sanat EHS-SL lift  is combination of EHS lift + super straddle(SL).

The super straddle in lift can be separated for use in normal conditions.

The height of EHS lift can be increased up to 1 meter by adding special pedestal.

All these models can be made with AC 220v system or Dc 12v by costomer order.

Working heights up to 12m.

Hydraulic system powered by 220v AC or 12v DC.

Adding a special pedestal to EHS lift , make an easy access possible to the levels such as in movies , theaters , auditoriums and etc.

Created by safety features to ensure years of safe operation.

The whole unit could be raised up by one or two people in a short time.

Compact design and safe.

Light weight , durable with low maintenance cost.